Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good morning Jack!

This is Jack.
This is Jack as we were walking in to MDO this morning.
Can anyone tell what is missing?


Anonymous said...

LOL. that is awesome.

And nice job on your running. Last time i ran it was to In n Out Burger trying to catch them before they closed.


Dan, Ashleigh, and Isabella said...

That is so great! Did you have to go home and get him shoes? I love how you share all these "I never thought" moments of motherhood. Now when it happens to me I will know I'm not the only one. I was just telling someone today about the day you had to tell Jack not to eat stuff off the bottom of his shoe.

the nelsons said...

haha. that is too funny.
i love how he's looking off thinking..wait a second. i'm forgetting something..

beccaellis said...

Ashleigh, at least now I don't have to worry about him eating something off the bottom of his shoes. And yes. I did have to go home and get his shoes.

In my defense, here is what happened:

Put Ty in the van.
Tell Jack to come downstairs
Jack tells me he needs his shoes on.
I tell Jack that we need to comb his hair then get his shoes then go.
We comb the hair.
I run upstairs to get something.
Come back down and Jack is in the van, IN HIS SEAT, BUCKLED UP!
I just praised him and praised him for getting in his seat by himself (something we've been working on.)
I buckle the bottom part of his seat belt and leave.

So I didn't actually take him to the van w/o shoes. He did that himself.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Gone two weeks and already our kids look like Oliver Twist! Funny stuff.


Anonymous said...

That made me laugh so hard! It looks like the exact sort of thing I would do when I am taking care of children. Details kill me. By the way, when I first saw the picture I thought "whoa, someone has left the house without their coffee!"


beccaellis said...

HA ha ha! Elizabeth, you're so funny!