Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cold weather makes me fat

Cold weather makes me fat.


The first place I gain weight is on my stomach. Yesterday I noticed that I look about 4 months pregnant.

I'm not.

I have come to the conclusion that it can only be the cold weather that is causing this.

When it's cold you don't get as much exercise outside.

Everyone has a runny nose so you don't do things with other people as much.

Your kids get germs from all the other sick kids at church or MDO or just from touching the playthings at the mall. So then, instead of being active, you are sitting on the couch holding your little one, nursing them back to health.

Cold is lame.

It makes since now that Jack Frost is always depicted as evil and mischievous.

No wonder the Clause's are overweight.

I understand now why Rudolph's nose has been red for decades.

After Jack's nap I am going to challenge Cold. I am going to put jackets on my boys and put them in their stroller, put my wind/rain cover over my stroller and take them for a jog! We'll see who wins this one.

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Katie said...

I saw you running!

I agree with your frustration...cold is lame and makes people fat. People = me.