Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday surprises

When I was younger, let's say sevenish... I was aware that my birthday was coming. Being my humble self, I had few requests for the big day.

I asked for:

  1. a surprise party
  2. a treasure hunt
  3. a present that was wrapped up inside of may boxes (you know, you unwrap one and then there is another and another inside to unwrap)
  4. a cake of equal extravagance to that of a wedding cake... heck... let's just make it a wedding cake
I felt like that was the least anyone could do. I mean. It was my birthday.

My sweet, under-appreciated mom and dad lived up to my expectations. They delivered. It was one of the best birthdays ever. My friends jumped out of Grandpa's shed (he lived across the road) and headed over to the house for the big party.

Fun times.

Through the years I have realized that those sorts of parties don't happen every year. I'm now quite content with a card or two and a few phone calls. That's all it takes to make me feel special on the big day.

This year I was expecting a quiet day, maybe a friend would drop by. That would have made it awesome!

Sunday night (the night before "the big day") Dad calls and we talk for a while then he tells me that he is at the front gate waiting for me! He's driven all the way out here to hang out and take me out to breakfast! What a guy. I've got the greatest dad. He took off Monday just so I wouldn't be by myself taking care of kids on my birthday. He even watched the boys while I went out with a friend and got my toes painted.

Yep. He's the greatest, and he knows how much I like surprises.

Tuesday (day after "the big day") is MDO. I had made plans with Rachel, my friend, to hang out. I get to her house and


There she is along with seven of my very good friends from our Care group (small group at church) well, technically a few of them used to be in our small group before we got too big and had to split. But that doesn't really matter.

They planned a party for me. We ate lunch and had desert. It was so much fun. I can't believe I have so many people that are so important to me and that I am this important to them. I am so blessed.

Thanks Kerry for going home to get your camera. These are pictures I will treasure forever.

Front row: Regina, Me, Rachel, Sarah Beth

Back row: Kerry, Lacey, Kelsey, Taylor, Sonya and Eden (hiding behind SB)


Anonymous said...

That is all so great! So Happy for you! Your Dad is awesome and so is SSBC!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! You are truly blessed!


The Shepherd Family said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday! (I love birthdays and often feel like mine should be considered a national holiday. I still forget sometimes that I am not a child and no one is planning a huge celebration for "my" day.) aww well.
So glad your dad was so kind to come spend the day with you. He saw your need and met it. awesome.

J Julian said...

ok .. so how come i wasn't invited?? hmmm ??? good thing i had to work, otherwise you guys would be in trouble! :)