Sunday, June 21, 2009

Photos, too many to post each one

I couldn't adjust the time on each slide. You may get bored, just try to click the buttons to go faster if it seems too slow.

Mike was so honored to have his parent's drive all the way up to Bangor, ME to see him for an hour during his layover. What wonderful parents! Big Dad, I hope you had a great Father's Day. Mike said it was the best Father's Day he's ever had, to get to see his Dad and come home to his sons --in the same day.

My mom and Retired Chief Weldon F. Mays (my grandpa) and Grandma came out just to see Mike in.

Thank you Care Group for coming to greet Mike. He loved it!

Ya'll are the best.

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Chris & Sarah said...

I loved seeing the slide show! I totally cried, too! Noelle said, "Momma, why are you sad?" I told her I was happy, but I think I just confused her. Anyway, welcome home, Mike!!

carolyn said...

YOU cried??? I'm bawling!!! Thank Mike from the Rogers' for doing everything he does to protect our country..... may we never take for granted the sacrifices each of you (and all families who serve) have made and will continue to make for the sake of our freedom. Glad he's home!

The Shepherd Family said...

that was a wonderful slideshow and I am SOO glad Mike is home! i too cried a bit, knowing exactly how you felt, finally seeing him. I will admit, I am a (tiny ) bit jealous...but, we will have our day soon enough:)
Thank you Mike for your service. Thanks Becca for the wife and mother you are...and without knowing it, thank you both for the encouragment you have both been for me.

Kelly said...

I loved the slideshow! But, I totally teared up when I saw Jack running to Mike! I can't even begin to imagine to experience all you and your family go through. So glad Mike is home and safe! Thank you to Mike for serving our country and Becca- You Rock!

Hannah B. said...

OH my gosh that picture of Jack running to Mike is PRICELESS! :)

Framer for sure.

I'm so happy he's finally home becca! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Mike!
I just spent 20 minutes or so catching up on old posts! June has been so busy for us! I loved seeing the pics and reading about your month. Thanks for sharing!

Dan, Ashleigh, and Isabella said...

I am so glad he's finally made it home. I cried watching your slideshow! I can't believe I'm about to have to face another deployment. I can't believe you do this so often, the saying goodbye and homecomings are the most exhausting part!