Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Everybody's here."

I'm back.

Mike is home.

I was sitting in the recliner today, after lunch, holding Jack. Mike was a sleep on the couch despite Ty climbing all over him. Jack looked up at me and said: "Everybody's here, Mommy."

He's right. We are all here. Now we just have to relearn how to make things flow smoothly with "Everybody here."

It shouldn't be too hard. My biggest challenge is adjusting my mind from being the "Boss" to being the assistant. Instead of making the plans, I'm writing them down. Instead of working to keep things tidy and orderly all the time, I'm trying to relax. No longer having people over to the house 4 days a week, now trying to enjoy "bumming around".

Most of you think I'm crazy.

But, relaxing is really hard for me.

I'm trying to make myself wind down.

Mike's four months have been very different paced than mine. He has been working and then trying to find ways to be productive during his time off (going to the gym, working on college classes, reading books on raising kids).

Me. I have to keep myself very busy to keep from going crazy. So I work to keep the laundry and house clean, spend lots of time playing with the boys, then I hang out with friends. Often the boys time and the friend time overlap. Also, I think it's very important to serve others so that takes what time we have left.

I keep so busy because little boys that are bored will drive you nuts and they will wreck the house. So we keep activities going a lot.

Right now everyone is napping.

I think I will go outside and rest here in a minute. I've got a magazine full of beautiful pictures that I want to look at.

Mike has the rest of this week off then he is going to hit it hard at work. He will be flying often. In September he will be gone for a month and a half to LR, Ark. Then hopefully back home and will miss the next deployment. We'll see.

I've gotten a few pictures from the previous week. I'll post those up soon so you can see what life looks like with "Everybody here."


Kelsey said...

Totally unrelated question. How did you order the Her Hands books? I followed the link you have on here to the Her Hands blog and have been reading it there. I have 2 younger sisters that I'd like to try to get a couple copies for. If you have a link or something, that'd be amazing!

beccaellis said...

Here's what I've got Kelsey.

Basically, you've got to go to College Station to get them. I ordered 20 copies and had my friend pick them up for me when she came to see me. I have 6 left I think. My original plan was to buy one for each of my sisters, but I love the book so much that I have been passing them out to everyone. I need about 20 more copies to last me the year. I think Mike and I will be taking a trip down to CS in the fall. If we do, I will definately buy some more.

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!