Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ty, put your hand on your heart

Don't you love how I post in waves?
Nothing for a week and then two posts in one day....

The little boys and I were outside playing this afternoon. I went inside for a second and came back and the National Anthem had started. (It plays every day at 5:00.)

Both boys were sitting on bicycles with training wheels on them, not moving. Jack had his hand on his heart and Ty didn't.

I said, "Ty, put your hand on your heart."

He didn't move.

"Ty, put your hand on your heart."

This time he reached up, grabbed his belly fat and pulled on it. Then he put his hand down again. --must have thought "This hurts, there's no way I'm doing this for the duration of the song."

Again I encourage him to be patriotic. I mean, come on, his Dad could possibly die defending our country, the least he can do is stand still, place his hand on his heart and be respectful.

"Ty, put your hand on your heart."

Ty looked up at me, then reached down and grabbed his crotch...

nice... so much for being respectful.


Jenkins Jollity said...

This post made me laugh alot and very loudly!! :)

Anonymous said...

He's trying....

Anonymous said...

I bet you never think of the National Anthem the same again! Thank goodness for memories that make us smile.

Anonymous said...

That made Caleb and I both giggle! Poor kid, he will never live that down. :)
Sarah H.

Lawson said...

Hahaha!!! Good story!