Monday, July 27, 2009

Ty relaxing on the boat

Ty just couldn't seem to get the whole "relax on the boat" concept.

Maybe we just need to give it some more time before he gets his sea-legs.

The video is of Ty watching Mike wake board. Mike's new to the wake board so he hit the water pretty often. Watch Ty and see if you can tell when Mike bit it.

Really though, who could be comfortable when wearing something like this?

The expression on his face didn't change much the whole trip. The exception is when I was wake boarding and fell down, he lost it. He thought he'd lost me. Mike said he was inconsolable.

See, I made it back alive.


Anonymous said...

haha, that is really funny.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ty would rather be on a Train

beccaellis said...

Exactly. He's definately more of a rails over sails kind of guy

Jay said...

That is not funny! (this is Cinda)