Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures from the vacation

A few of my favorites.

Ty, Kaiden, Jackson, Jordan at the Abilene zoo. This was not actually on our vacation, but hey, when you stay home and your kids are not yet in school, every day is vacation right ;-).
ha ha.

Ty and Jack waiting to go to Sea World. They look excited don't they. Notice how Jack's left eye doesn't even have a hint of redness in it... I'll give you that story soon.
Mike and Me at the San Antonio zoo.
I loved that place, mainly for the reason below.
It's a kid-riverbed area. Sand and about 6 inches of water complete with waterfalls (small) and fake stumps in the water. Very cool, especially in San Antonio where today will be the 37th day of 100+ degree temperatures.
The day we were at the zoo, we came back to the car and the thermometer read: 106.
Today's forcast: 103. Glad we're in Abilene today!

Having a delicous breakfast at the Poulters. The boys and girls LOVE each other and it is so sweet to see them play together.

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