Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Forth of July!!!

Are you with me?

Do you feel the same since of pride and excitement this time every year?

Are you thankful? Do you realize how blessed we are?

Do you want to celebrate? Shout? Shoot off firecrackers?

Laugh? Smile? Do you want to watch people parading down the street sporting their red, white and blue?

Does just the site of patriotic bunting make you grin?

Does the flag make you think of honor, of sacrifice, of principles?

Do you remember the history lessons of men who gave their entire life's work to building a government that was "for the people"? Do you remember hearing of people who selflessly gave years of their life to fight for freedom?

Remember hearing of men who thought it worthy enough to leave their wives, their children, their livelihoods to pursue freedom?

The probability of death was higher than that of life.

They decided that dying --fighting for freedom, for the generations to come... was worth it.

For you.... for me.... for our children.

They fought for our Independence.

They gave us our Independence.

We should be proud. We should be excited. We should want to celebrate.

We should party.

And I think that is exactly what those who came before us would want us to do.

We need to celebrate the victory and all of the more recent victories in the name of freedom.

I'm thankful that our family can continue serving our country without having to pay the ultimate price (so far).

If this video doesn't make you want to celebrate, not much will.

Don't whine and complain about all of the ways we abuse our freedoms, today be thankful and celebrate the lives of those who gave it all for us.

So go find a party and join in.

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Anonymous said...

I get so excited about the forth of July that we go to West Virginia and camp for a week in a field that has no bathrooms, showers, internet, cell serivce, phone of any sort. And wear overalls for the entire week while shooting off illegal fireworks almost everynight....and I don't mean the dinky fireworks either, I mean like ground missles!!! So yes, the Scott famliy does independence day right!