Saturday, July 4, 2009

I LOVE parades

We made history today. We attended the first annual Highland [neighborhood] parade.

We didn't know it was the first time they had done this, but we had a pretty good clue when the parade lasted about 2-3 minutes. I figure next year it will go at least 5 minutes...

It was perfect. Lots of people came out and sat beneath the shade trees on Sayle's Blvd.

This is after the parade. Everyone gathered to watch the Abilene Community Band perform in someone's driveway.

Ashtone and Dustin came with us. Actually, I called them and dragged them out of bed to come to the parade.... they missed it, but made the band concert.

It got sort of hot after a while. We didn't get the nice shade like we had at the parade.

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