Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I like about you!

Laken asked me to write a letter of recomendation for her. She's trying to get a new Job. I thought I'd go ahead and let all of you see what I think of the girl ;-)

Also, if you see any gramatical or spelling errors, please let me know before I send off the final copy to her. (Thanks Lawson!)

Reference Letter for Laken Tilly

If I were you, I’d hire Laken. She worked for me last school year in AWANA (a children’s program) at South Side Baptist Church. This, like most all of the programs at our church, is run by volunteers. It is crucial that we have committed people helping or the programs will fail. Laken is dependable. She was never a “no-show.” If she couldn’t make it on a particular week, I always got a phone call. She came several times with a headache from a long day. One time she even showed up after studying all night and working all day --when she could have gone home to sleep, she was there. That’s why I would hire Laken.

Several times during the year I asked Laken to do extra jobs, she accepted the tasks with a “can-do” type of attitude. She went above what was asked and served our students with a willing heart. She is energetic, motivated, and a hard worker. That’s why I would hire Laken.

Laken smiles, she laughs, she looks you in the eye when she talks to you. She would make an excellent Walmart greeter. All of the students we work with love being around her. All of the adults we work with love being around her. She is joyful and pleasant. That’s why I would hire Laken.

One of the most important things I would consider though, is that Laken is a believer. She is someone who does what she says she will do, who lives to honor God, whose ethical standards are high. Her goal is to be like Jesus. So, if you’d hire Jesus, you should hire Laken Tilly.


Lawson said...

Two things--

This is awesome. Who wouldn't hire Jesus?

Good use of the dash.

beccaellis said...

thank you.