Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grant's graduation

I'm a week behind. I know. Sorry. Well, almost a week behind.

Grant, by baby bro, graduated from high school this year! The boys and I went down for the party. Didn't see a ton of him but were really excited when we did get to hang out. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Notice Jack's new hairdo? Yep. I did it. I couldn't resist any longer. Having to hold up the hair while I sunscreen his forehead was what did it. I thought how silly it was to have to do that when he would be more comfortable with it short.
So it's done. And I don't hate it. It's much better than I thought it would be.


Mandy said...

aargh. Should have called y'all. I was in greenville all last week for GHS graduation too. hate it that I missed a chance to get together.

Anonymous said...

I think Jack's new hair is very adorable and manly at the same time. :) Good job on it! How do you cut a little boy's hair by yourself? It takes two of us to do it; one to cut and the other to hold and distract. :)
Sarah H.

Dan, Ashleigh, and Isabella said...

I love Jack's new haircut! He looks so handsome.