Friday, June 5, 2009

Random thoughts

I'm beginning to understand all those cartoons where Garfield looks half-dead before drinking his coffee.

Staying up late with friends doesn't have the same "morning after" feeling, you know, the one where you wake up by the warm 10:00 sun shining in your windows and you lie there another 30 minutes talking about how you can't believe you stayed up so late.

College students seem young.

My ipod has "Bob the Builder" on it.

The first item of the day (besides make coffee) is switch over the laundry so as to make sure there is clean underwear ready for the boy in the pull-up.

My knee sometimes aches a little.

I am SO excited that Abilene just got a "Children's Place." I will practically live in their clearance section. They will know my name. I'll walk in and someone will say: "Hi Becca, nothing new is marked down less than $3, except for the graphic t's, and we pulled out one of each in Jack and Ty's next year sizes. They are here behind the counter for you. Do you want us to put them on your account?"

I'm far enough into raising my kids that I have very little advice on how to raise kids.

Yesterday I got a free minivan wash and it made my day. The sign on the VIP board said that if you were born in 1985 you get a free car wash. I was so excited when I saw that. I told the guy "Hey, can I get the free car wash!" He looked at me and said, "I don't think so...". Just kidding. I told him the chick sitting next to me was born in '85 and he said that would count. Awesome.

So this is what it is like to be almost 30.

I think I like it.

Mike's sons watching the Red Sox game. Ty went to his room, picked up the chair and lugged it all the way into my room. Jack is sporting his Red Sox pjs. No, I am not a Red Sox fan. Back when I had time to care about baseball I was a Yankees fan. Mike's the Red Sox fan. Why the event? Amanda, my Red Sox fanatic friend, was here and wanted to see the game.


Anonymous said...

First off, your more hip than me just by the fact that you own an ipod....even if it does have bob the builder on it.

Second...This news of a Childrens place is wonderful. Where is this new store? We must go there...we must shop clearance!

And third, when are you going to call me to meet your friend that you wanted me to meet?

Ok that's all. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I KNEW Ty would be a problem solver!!


Amanda said...

I had so much fun last week. I am thankful for the opportunity to encourage your children to have a strong love of the Red Sox. I can't wait for your visit in the fall!