Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everyone's coming home

I'm getting the boys back in a few hours. I have missed them! I've got supper almost done so that when they get here I can just sit and play with them.

The report from my grandparents is that they've been wonderful.... I'll ask Chrissy.

Jack has been telling everyone who asks that:

"Mommy is home cleaning the garage for Daddy to get home."

Funny thing, I didn't even clean the garage. That was my goal then I talked to Mike and he wants some projects to do when he gets home so I am saving the garage for him :-)

What a guy!

I think he just wants to serve us. He has been so far from us for so long and has not been able to do anything tangible for the three of us. Interesting. He even asked if maybe we could break some stuff so that he could fix it.

Don't worry Mike, you will have plenty of "Hands on" time with the boys. They need you to roughhouse with them so bad! Be careful, they'll break your head off if you aren't careful.

I think I've got everything ready. I'm going to take a quick trip up to Pier 1 for new porch pillows (if they are on sale).

Then we just wait...


Anonymous said...

I can feel your excitment, Becca. :)
I am so happy for you! You ave been a.m.a.z.i.n.g. these last four months.
Sarah H.

Carolyn said...

WOW!! He's coming home! Becca~you have become so strong during this time of separation....just watching you makes me smile. Thanks for being real through this blog, admitting your failures and your fears and asking for help when you need it. the body of Christ has been able to "work" beautifully through your family becauase of your honesty.

I am so excited for you and the boys!!! Enjoy his homecoming and your time reconnecting. And, thanks for using your down time with no boys serving other people's children. I heard several times that "Family Time was my favorite!". I hope you had a good time, too. Love ya!

beccaellis said...

You both are too kind. This time has been so hard. I'll not lie. It has. But God has given me so much grace to be able manage and even (on a few occations) thrive when I know without Him, I would have crashed... I'm so used to this that I can't hardly imagine (remember) what life is like with a helper. But, I'm thinking it will be great! Thank you both for your many words of encouragment. It has spurred me on many times.