Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crunch time

No, I'm not talking about the cereal. I'm talking about how I need to get off my rear and make my house spotless for my war hero.

For some reason I have been satisfied with cluttered closets and a dirty garage. Usually I like to keep things organized. I'm not psycho about it, but I like to be able to find things when I look for them. Ugg.... I'm just not motivated right now. The garage: it must get done. Period. So I need to just buckle down and do it. Anyone want to come over and "fellowship" on Tuesday during MDO? We'll hang out in the garage.

It's getting SO close. My husband/best friend/backrubber/kid wrestler/companion/dish washer/comedian/helper/lover is coming back to me.

I can hardly stand it I'm so excited.

I'm more excited than I have been after any other deployment.

After having 4 1/2 months of the single life where you can come and go as you please without considering or consulting anyone else, it is a small bummer to have to change that. But I don't even care this time. I know I am going to have so much fun hanging out with him when he gets back that I don't care if I do have to have some sort of plan for supper or make sure I come home every night or put some restrictions on my "open door policy" with my friends. It will be fine.

In fact, I think it will be great.

I'm so excited.

You people who have husbands who are around all the time, as wonderful as that is, you don't get to experience the JOY I get to experience when my husband comes home to me.

Now that it is normal for me to live more of my life with him gone than with him home, the 3 1/2 months he is home are so wonderful. God has been (and hopefully will continue) refining us. The time away from each other is time that we can learn more and more to rely on God, to love God, to trust God.

The deeper out love for God, the deeper our love for each other.

God is love.

We learn how God loves us which means we have learned how to love others which means we love each other more.

It's beautiful.

It's perfect.

The roads God takes us down in order to teach us are roads that I would never have taken on my own. I'm so glad God is god. I don't think I would love and appreciate Mike this much if God hadn't taken him away so that I had no other "lover" than himself.

It's beautiful.


that's the best part. Now I get 2 months of him all to myself (then he leaves again...).

I can't post on here the date and time that he will be arriving, but if you call me I can tell you if you promise not to tell the bad guys. Isn't that right Mike? If not, tell me quick. Maybe I'll have to talk in code if we are on the phone. In person I can tell you I think....

Please keep praying for a safe return for our men and women. We've got another week and a half ish.


Anonymous said...

So excited for you! I love the feeling of anticipation leading up to the's almost as great as the reunion itself!

Dan, Ashleigh, and Isabella said...

I was thinking that boy should have been home by now! I can't believe he had to stay for 4 1/2 months. But I'm so glad to hear he's almost home!