Monday, October 6, 2008

It's like we are dating

All you old married folks remember what it was like back in high school (or junior high for some of you) when you would talk on the phone with your boyfriend for hours?

I do, I used to talk for hours to this guy, Mike, that I dated. I shared a room with my older and later, my younger sister. It would get so late that I would get under the covers to be quieter so as not to annoy Emily (then Hannah). We would talk about all sorts of things, what we'd done that day, mutual friends, sports, what we wanted to name our kids one day... things like that.

I had such a conversation last night. But this time it was to a troop off at war. (How romantic is that?) We had mostly the same topics of conversation that we had back 10 years ago. We talked for 2 hours. That's right, two hours!

The boys were asleep. -This time we did not discuss what we would name our kids. I had just gotten into bed and all was quiet in the house. It was one of a handful of times since he's been deployed that I have gotten to talk as long as I wanted to without being interupted. It was so nice.

Here are some things we got ironed out:

-Where we will eat during our date to Dallas when Mom and Dad have the boys: Cheesecake Factory

-We will be throwing a Christmas party

-I am not going to tell Jack that Daddy is coming home until the day off his arrival

-What to do about the termites that visited the old house: kill them...

I thought my list was longer than that... I guess we didn't get as much accomplished as I thought.

But really, we did accomplish a lot. Communication is a vital part of any relationship, especially marriage. Without it, your relationship tends to fade. We haven't had the opportunity to converse much these last 4 months, so it was good to catch up. I am looking forward to all the new 'inside jokes' that will appear in the following weeks as we spend lots of time with each other.

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Amy said...

Im sure the list included a few "I love you more" "No, I love YOU more" lines... or whatever way you communicate endearment. I notice that when I am away from Brandon for around a week (not much compared to your four months) our conversations get longer and longer, but don't end up containing as much translatable content as I would initially imagine ... they end up being a lot of mush and lovey dovey stuff- but thats okay, I just consider it to be tele-snuggling. Yep, Im a tele-snuggler and proud of it.

Anyway, Im excited for you and can't wait for Mike to be safely back at home with you.