Saturday, October 18, 2008

The new park is open!

The park behind our house just opened today! It is awesome. I haven't gotten to go explore, because I had to hold Ty when we were there earlier today. Jack ran around and loved it. Then he called to me and started waddling over to me. Those of you who have read the previous posts know what it means when Jack waddles. He says "Pee-pee, Mommy" I look up and he has, he has pee-peed all over. He says he has to go more. -Anyone know where this is going? I thought, "gosh, I am glad he is a boy, otherwise we couldn't do what we are about to do."

I look around and don't see anyone else at all.


Jack christened the playground.

He had to go, so I took him over to a hidden area where kids won't be playing and let him pee. Hope no one who lives on Dyess ever reads this...

Is that a bad thing? If so, someone tell me so I don't let him ever do that again. But, to my knowledge, guys just kind of go when they need to go. Right? I have very little knowledge in this subject.

Well, we played some more, then Jack said he had to go "poo-poo." I have my limits... some of you were about to get panicky. We left. Jack didn't understand why we couldn't just take care of that business at the park as well.

One day he'll understand.


Michaela said...

HAHAHAHA becca i truly love this story. in lincoln if the police see you pee peeing out side you will get a i wouldnt encourage it for too long. haha. glad to know you have limits!

Anonymous said...

ha, that is awesome. Danny Jones got a ticket for peeing in public one time. But i think Jack could talk the cop out of it. Stan