Saturday, October 4, 2008


I was so blessed this week and want to tell everyone. Brianna Bond, one of my sitters, just spent 3 days with me and the boys. Her sweet mom loaned her to me to help with the boys and just to have company. Brianna is a pleasure to be around and lots of help with the boys. She is over so often that she knows where everything is and can take care of things without a lot of instruction. Something else that is a little uncommon with a 2-year-old "Mamma's Boy" is that Jack, really feels completely relaxed around her. Just sort of interesting. He doesn't talk much at Mother's Day Out -- I have recently learned. He talks lots for me and LOTS for Brianna. I got to observe today as they played legos.
Only about 2 and a half weeks until Mike comes back to me! I am getting excited as I think about how we will spend the first few days. Jack and I talk all the time about "When Daddy comes home". Jack is expecting to play trains, go to the park, read books, and play "Rock 'N Roll All Night". I hope it is an easy adjustment. I know it could be rough for a couple of days. I'm not at all sure how Jack will react.
Mike probably won't recognize Ty. Well, yes He will. But Ty has started crawling and sitting up and standing up and walking around the coffee table and all sorts of smart things like that. I think Mike will be very impressed with his youngest son.

Me, well I just can't wait to have my 'Rock' back. I am ready to not have to be in charge any more. I don't want to have to make all of the decisions on everything. I kindof want to be bossed around (not that Mike is bossy). I want to be the helper and not the master of the house. I really like the helper role. It works out well. I think God is on to something.

I still have some things to get done before the heros come home. I want to clean out the garage. Finish Mike's birthday present. Have both of the cars spotless. It seems like it would be nice for him to come home to order. Especially since he has never been here before. I moved while he was gone, so not only will the house be new, but (and this dawned on me today) he won't know where ANYTHING is. If I ask him to go grab me a diaper for Ty. He won't know where to go. He might have to open 5 cabinets before he can find a glass to get a drink of water with. I think this will be a first for him. Usually when you move into a house you unload everything and put it in a spot, then you know where EVERYTHING is. Not this time buddy.

Maybe I should schedule an afternoon of training.

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited that Mike is coming home to you and the boys. Be sure to take a picture of Jack when he first sees Mike. I would love to see that smile! -Stan