Tuesday, October 7, 2008

That hadn't happened in a long time

I fell off my bike today.


I did.

I was pulling my kid trailer at the time. The boys didn't tump over with me. I assume the trailer was designed to not fall over when the bike does.

I was biking up to the BX (department store on base) and was on a long stretch of sidewalk. I stood up to pedal harder because the wind was against me -the trailers aren't very aerodynamic... when all of a sudden...

my left pedal broke

Came right off. When it did, I obviously lost my footing (it was on the ground.)

So I fell. Scraped up my foot and my leg.


Two cars were driving by. Neither stopped. I'm glad, but if they had stopped I would have been able to explain the pedal malfunction and that I am not a huge klutz that shouldn't be transporting children.

I got up quickly before anyone else saw me.

Then I sat back down to try to fix the pedal. Jack and Ty, neither, have said a word. Finally Jack says:

"Ready to go Mommy?"

His tone told me that he wasn't as concerned for me as he was bored that his ride had stopped.

Kids. Isn't that typical?

Every time I get a response like that I want to go back to my Mom and beg her forgiveness for all of my inconsideration when I was little and self-centered. God bless that woman. She amazes me. I hope to be much like her one day.


Dan, Ashleigh, and Baby said...

I'm so freaking psyched you started a blog! I didn't realize you had until you sent out the story about Jack and the accident. Then I deleted the email and couldn't find you blog address. Anyway, I just sat down and read the whole thing!
I can't believe Mike is about to be home! I'm so happy for you guys! Tell us all about it!

Anonymous said...

haha, that is so funny. And i agree with Ashleigh, its great reading your blog. Stan