Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Paid out

Well, I've got two things to say today.

First: Ty and I went on a date this morning to the Dixie Pig (best breakfast joint in Abilene) and a nice man paid for our meal! No, he wasn't creepy. He walked up to Ty and I and who were both eating a pancake and said that he had "enjoyed watching the wrestling match." (Ty was a little active and very excited about getting to eat a pancake...) We got to talking and I told him that Ty and I were getting some alone time before Daddy came home in a week. I went on to explain that he was deployed and all that. We visited for a few more minutes and then he thanked Mike and I for our service to the country. Then he went up to pay his bill. As he left, another waitress came by and told me: "You are all paid out. That man just paid your bill and he even left a tip for the waitress!"

How kind was that? I even looked a mess! We woke up late again and kind of ran out the door to get Jack to MDO before we were embarrassingly late.

Ty ate a lot of breakfast, so much that he went to sleep on the way home and is still asleep on my bed. See picture below.

Next thing I wanted to say is:

Check out my garage! Yay! This is the first time I have put the cars away since moving to the "new house" -as Jack still calls it. Yesterday I scrubbed the inside of both of them to get ready for Mike's return. I want everything to be nice for him.

I wanted to add a couple more pictures that I like. Here is Ty learning to maneuver down steps.


Amanda said...

Yay for free breakfast!! Way to go on the garage and cars. I know it will be a huge blessing to Mike. You are such a great helper.
I love you

P.S. go look at my blog!

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you how cute Ty is!! I loved listening to him on the other end of the phone Saturday. I can't wait to spend time with those sweet boys. :)