Friday, March 20, 2009

Does it get any better than this?

Wanna know how sweet my husband is?

Well I'll tell you. (Gina, you should have had more than one boy. You did a good job with this one!)

So here's what he did.

I was telling him on the phone how hard it was for me to take the boys away from home.

Jack, not so much, just he's busy and wants to be a boy and explore and all. He's 2. Just small enough that someone has to watch him all the time.

Ty, a different story. He gets into everything, he eats dog food, dirt, marbles, legos, rocks and acorns. He pulls my hair and then rubs the tips against his face -preferably his ear. He is fussy, won't sleep, and a picky eater.

(Found out today that he still has ear infections in both ears and is cutting all FOUR of his one-year molars at the same time.) That explains a lot. But, I didn't know this the other day when talking with Mike.

So I'm telling Mike that it might be really hard on us to move up to Little Rock with him this summer (if it works out that he goes). We might try to come two weeks after he gets there and come home two weeks early.... we'll see.

All this info translates in his mind into: Becca needs more help with the boys.

So here is where he goes:

He searches this site and finds out they have a babysitting service. After doing lots of research, he signs up to access the info, is now receiving emails, and I got an automated phone call yesterday afternoon.

All from the other side of the world. Cause he wants me to be taken care of.

Sweet huh? Then, as if that wasn't enough, he trys to convince me to actually let these people come over. I told him I was doing fine and that I have lots of babysitters here that I can call if I need them.

He doesn't believe me. He thinks I won't call. So he will -as my provider, provide me with rest despite my insistance that I don't need that much of it.

I talk him down. Then I promise to call Brianna to come over today to help.

He agrees.

But here is the email he sent me today:

Hey Hun,

Had one of the girls reply back from the website. If you are truly interested in maybe getting her to watch for one of the days, then let me know. You can find her message and bio at the website. Login is xxxxxxx and password is xxxxxx. from there you go to the top right HOME icon. Then her name is Caitlin S. She has done some babysitting for her youth minister while she was in San Angelo. I think you can click on her picture and it will pull up her bio and information. Let me know if you have had a change of heart.


told you he was sweet.


Anonymous said...

That is great! Hope it all works out for you.
Have you done the skype thing with the web cam yet? Joe and I did yesterday and he talked with the girls on the web cam today. When he first got there, every computer was available! I highly recommend it! See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Awww.....Becca, you picked a good one! What a guy.

J Julian said...

sweet! go mike!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that's Cait Stone. She used to live in San Angelo. She goes to our church!