Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This one is gunna be boring

Usually, when I write on here, I have some sort of plan or outline for my post. I sit down with the goal of making an "article" out of the ideas that have been bouncing around in my head all day.

Today I have nothing original.

Tuesdays I am too busy to be creative.

"Why am I writing if it's not going to be any good?" (You ask)

Well, because Aunt Susan said she gets on here every morning and is disappointed if there isn't anything new.

Because this is how Mike gets a little taste of home.

Because Uncle Robert is now a reader... Uncle Robert? Yes. That's what I said. -Found out from Aunt Nancy today. And, "No," I am not scared of him any more. But I do feel a certain pressure to preform since I know he's reading.

(I'm thinking....)

(nothing else is coming....)

"Say something Becca. Anything!"


"No, don't talk about poop again. People are tired of that."

Ty has an ear infection. Well, it's just sort of the start of an ear infection. He got some antibiotics and should be feeling better in 10 days.

Mike called today. He is doing well.

I had a really good frozen pizza for dinner tonight. We ate frozen pizza cause I was too tired to do anything else for supper. After picking the boys up from MDO we went straight to Dr. J's (walk-in clinic here in town) to get Ty's ears checked. Then after that, to the pharmacy to drop off his prescription. Then waiting for it to be filled. Then home.

After literally wrestling Ty for 2 hours I was tired. I held him in the waiting room at the Doc's office then in the base clinic (where waiting for his antibiotics).

Ty doesn't like being held.

So pizza it was. And it was good.

The boys are in bed. I need to do laundry but might watch "Lost" instead. I'm two weeks behind.

That's all for now. Told you it would be a lousy post.


Anonymous said...

It was not a lame post. There was lots of info in!
I love your blog! You always give me somthing to think or laugh about. :}
Sarah H.

Katie said...

YOU WATCH LOST??! We must get together to discuss!