Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why I send Mike away every March

I have nothing to write about.

Thank goodness.

No "hilarious" stories mean it has been nice and easy for Becca.

Really, I am just trying to come up with something else to do besides clean the kitchen.

Mike sent us a DVD of himself reading a book to the boys. He also mailed the books with the DVD. Jack liked it. Thanks Mike! Ty liked it too. He kept trying to sit on top of Jack in my lap while holding a random book in his hands. He definitely got the right idea.

I think Mike's moustache scared the boys. It did me. Thank goodness that is temporary! (Moustache March is going on in the military).

We've been reading the cat in the hat a lot lately.

Today Jack picked up his yellow ball cap, put it on his head and said: "I'm Jack in the hat."

And that's all I've got folks....

Lame I know.

But I guess I should go do those dishes...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mike has a moustache??

His mother does not remember ever seeing Mike with one - WOW