Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome back!

My sense of humor had been missing for about a week. It returned sometime during the afternoon. Not sure exactly when, and I have to admit, I was a little surprised when I heard myself laugh. It sounded strange --foreign. We are going to spend tomorrow getting reacquainted. The boys will be at MDO and I am going to visit with the ladies I just finished a 10 - week Bible study with. Then I will eat a PB&J, read my "Family Fun" magazine and then take a nap. Maybe after that I'll sit around and tell myself some good jokes. Leave a comment if you have a good joke for me.

Here are a few things that happened today:
  • Ty got an "all clear" on his ears. Infection is gone.
  • Jack has taken up medicine. You may call him "Dr. Jack." He was practicing on me today with his only piece of equipment: a toy hammer. He used it as a stethoscope, auriscope, laryngoscope, band aid and reflex hammer. We've been to the Dr./ER about 4 different times in the last 2 weeks. He's a pro now.
  • Ty also practiced his medical skills. He used the hammer to work on me -only he used the hammer as a hammer.
  • Noelle Mathis came over today. She took her shoes off for a moment, put her bare feet on the floor and then told me that she needed to put her shoes back on or the dirt from the floor would get on her feet...
  • Jack got his nose wiped with a dryer sheet. Oops.
  • Ty was pushed in the double stroller by Noelle and Jack.
  • I got to sit outside on the porch and rest for about an hour (while the boys were playing around me). It was SO refreshing.
  • Lawson sent me a cool verse (see comment in the last post). Thanks Lawson. It's displayed in my kitchen now.
  • Mike called (unfortunately it was before my sense of humor came home). Please call back Mike!!! I'm much more pleasant now.
  • I bathed two kids, participated in a conference call, drank ice tea and put the kids to bed -all at the same time!

And that's been the day.

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