Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Therefore I will remember you.

It is Tuesday. I've been thinking today, what I might write about tonight if I got on here.

Two different topics are still floating around in my head.

I've had several very hard days in a row. I miss my husband. I don't miss him in an "I'm lonely and bored" type of way. Oh no... no... no.... if you've ready any of my last posts you KNOW I'm not bored. Wish I was, but I ain't.

I miss Mike's voice when he comes in the door after work, always cheerful. Never does he come in complaining about his day or expressing frustration or tiredness. Nope. He walks in the door ready to be a blessing to me. I hope one day soon he will be able to say that about me.

I miss seeing the boys play on the floor with Mike. It always makes my heart smile when I see my sons getting to be with their father.

I miss eating lunch together. Thanks to living at the job site, it's a short commute home for lunch. I love it.

I miss visiting about basketball, who we want to have over for dinner and games, Lost, what we need to buy at the grocery store.

I miss lying my head on his lap while we watch TV.

I miss the clean kitchen at night! (Mike you are really the greatest husband ever for cleaning supper dishes.)


This wasn't what I was thinking I would write about....

Oh right, I was just telling you about my hard days and then switched over to missing Mike....

Ok, back on track now.

Because of my rough days I can either: complain or praise.
Naturally I want to complain, let all of you know exactly how bad I have it, how you should be so thankful that you live here while Mike is away "fightin' for your freedom." And on and on. But the more I focus my thoughts off myself and on God I realize:

"We're not doing anything special."

God called Mike to the military just like he called most of you to your jobs. No different. If we are being obedient to God then why should I feel like I am really sacrificing? I'm not. I'm just following.

Like you are following.

That's it.

So the pity party is over. The hard days are still here, but gradually getting better.

Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Savior and my God.
My soul is downcast within me;
therefore I will remember you.
Ps. 42
I am going to remember my God.
Here are the ways my God has blessed me today:
  • Boys sleeping till 7:00
  • Ty wakes with a smile on his face
  • We remembered to take Jack's shoes with him to MDO
  • MDO (Mother's day out)
  • Bible study
  • Katie sharing her God story
  • Getting to mow the yard (I love mowing!)
  • Finishing the painting on the old house
  • coffee
  • Amy Johnson
  • Jill and Becky offering to watch the boys while I close on our house
  • Not having a headache most of the day
  • Sarah Beth coming over and making dinner
  • Going on a walk with my stroller
  • chips
  • Getting some sunshine while pulling weeds
  • Ty eating all his supper (without falling apart!)
  • Jack eating most all his supper
  • Ty starting to feel better
  • music
  • Ty going to sleep easily at 7:00 -even before I was ready to put him down
  • Jack being tired early
  • Tim and Sarah Beth hanging out and laughing with me
  • a quiet house
Seems like a good list.


Anonymous said...

Becca, I love how you look at things. THanks for sharing your heart.
Sarah H.

Anonymous said...


I write this with tears in my eyes...I too appreciate my husband so much and cannot imagine how hard it would be to have to care for Ella without him. I know this has not been an easy road for you. Through this recent bible study, the Lord has grown a love for you in my heart that I am very thankful for. I want you to know that YOU are a blessing! Both to me in my life, and also to many others-of course-including your boys and Mike. You wrote that you want to bless Mike soon, but I'm sure that he is very blessed to know that such a wonderful God fearing woman is caring for his precious boys while he cannot! You have blessed me so much in the past 10 (or whatever number I can't remember) weeks of bible study together.
And also, I'm super social! So if you just want to get together and laugh and joke, maybe eat something-dare I say it-nonvegan :O
seriously call me. I want to bless you the way you have blessed my life, I'm just not sure what you need or want.


beccaellis said...


Let's do it! We'll plan some hang out time Soon. I'll pull out all my nonvegan food.

Also, thank you for your kind words. I don't know what I have done to bless you, but awesome! I'm excited that I did... :-)


Cinda Boshart said...

You're doing great, baby. I'm so proud of you.