Saturday, March 21, 2009

like ring a round the rosie

When we moved into our home last summer Hannah came and helped me decorate. We came up with this "FAN-C" design to display some pictures and take up some space on a huge wall.
See how cute it is? It is supposed to resemble an eye chart at a doctor's office.
(Ya know, since there is an E at the top
-stands for Ellis).

Today we changed things up a bit. Now it's just well...


I think he feels bad about it. My first thought was that he used the broom to knock them down (notice the broom in the background, it wasn't there before this happened). But when I ask him if the broom knocked them down or if Jack did, he says it was Jack.

When I came down the stairs Ty was sitting in the middle of this picture, surrounded by sharp shards of glass. He wasn't cut. (Thank you Jesus!) Proof that there are angles watching over my family.

Jack was wishing those angels would protect him from what he imagined would inevitably follow this scene.

Looks like he was scared... (look closely at his crotch)

I almost didn't put this picture on here because of his "accident" but I did.
Hope he's not too embarrassed if he sees this when he is older (sorry Jack).
And just where was his mother while this was going on?
-Upstairs trying to decide how to wear her hair.
We were about to head out to some friend's house for dinner.
Later we were talking about how this happened and he just said:
"like ring around the rosie, Mommy"
Do you get it?


the nelsons said...

they all fall down!!

kyle and i laughed really hard at this!!

and only to be paid back later by our children, i'm sure!!

Lawson said...

Hahahaha! Wow. The thing that I think is the funniest is that you took pictures of him! Did you use the old- I'm taking a picture so that I can show Daddy what you did?

Ashten said...

I'm so glad you posted the pictures of this. I needed the full effect. Thanks again for coming to our house for dinner after all that :)

Cinda Boshart said...

It's hard growing up! Poor Jack and Ty! AND poor you! You'll all make it, I know...just remember you can always come here where lots more people love you. We'll leave the latch up.

beccaellis said...