Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's backwards

Ali: after

Becca: before
(June '09)

Becca: after
(Feb. '10)

I thought words were not needed. I will give an explanation though. A few days ago I put on my facebook status that I was "Letting myself go."
I was expecting maybe an internal chuckle and an eye roll out of people. --That is usually the goal of my humor.
What I got?
Criticism of my low self-esteem.
Compliments telling me how awesome I look.
People being annoyed.
So here.
Here all of you "Becca you look awesome" people.
Take a look at these.
Me at the end of last deployment at 118 pounds (June 09) and me at my current weight 140.
Now I don't want any more of you to try to make me feel bad about feeling bad about myself --which I wasn't really doing, I understand the science behind carrying a baby.
But seriously, it is... sad. At least what it does to your body. And to prove my point you have to see these two pictures.


Anonymous said...

hahahahah Becca dont do this to yourself! :)


Anonymous said...

Hahahhahah:) You need to pull your pants down.... never thought I would say that.... I am usually telling people to pull their pants uppp. It's backwards... just like your blog. Haha. :)

Love you BEC! :)

Cinda Boshart said...

Becca. First, stand up straight!

That's all.


Anissa said...

Love it! The pajama bottoms and all... that's what I was hoping to see you in at church!

Tyson & Rebecca Shapley said...

Loved your "letting myself go" and this true...pregnancy does crazy stuff to your body! Laughed through this one with you!!

Anonymous said...

Pants in the airr...
Pants in the airr...
lookin like a FOOL with yo pants on the ground.

Anonymous said...

*air. haha.

Lawson said...

hahaha. This is awesome.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny!!
Just a few more months to go now..

TiffanyPapagno said...

Thank you for letting me borrow Hannah last night. You are so blessed to have her around every day. :)

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me, I am going to go get back on the treadmill and walk some more. :)
All kidding aside Becca, just put those pants UNDER your belly and you will look and feel much better.
Sarah H.