Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tumble Books

Anyone ever heard of Tumble books?

It's a website that reads books to your kids.

Yet another job you moms can outsource.

Now just hire a cleaning lady and your only job will be replicating Paula Dean's recipes from the Food Network.

Just kidding.

When can it be beneficial to sit your kids in front of a computer to have stories read to them?

Well, tonight for example.

I started the bedtime routine at 6:30, read them a couple books on the couch and had extra time to kill. So, we move to my bed, get out the laptop and pick out 3-4 more stories.

I don't condone extra screen time, but I am a fan of saving your voice while still getting to cuddle with the kids.

Tumble books usually require a subscription of some sort. The Monroe Co. library has already taken care of that and by logging on to their website you can access Tumble Books without any fees.

When you arrive at their page, click on this:

I always go to "Story Books." I don't even know if I've explored the other options.

The narrator reads the books to your child --highlighting the phrases as it goes along, while showing illustrations direct from the book.

It's pretty cool.


If my link doesn't work (as usual with blogspot) then just go here:



Feldman Family said...

Hey Becca! I lost your email! ! How are you? How are things going? Send me your email so we can catch up!

Anonymous said...

That site is VERY cool. I had to pass onto everyone I knew who had little ones

Cinda Boshart said...

Fun site! There's another one I'll find and post.

Alison said...

My class LOVES TumbleBooks. I let them on it as part of our listening center. Luckily our district has an account, so I can use it at home too.