Monday, February 8, 2010

Who's the box from!

In the middle of me reading aloud Heather's post about having mono, the dogs bark.

The dogs bark loudly.

It was an "INTRUDER!!!!!" bark.

I go downstairs assuming the mailman had gotten too close to the house.

After opening the door I find a box sitting on the step.

It's addressed to me! And I haven't ordered anything in a while so that means the contents are a surprise!

I head back upstairs with the box in tow.

"I got a box!"

"What! Another box!!! Who’s it from?!"

"It’s from Mike’s parents!"


I was nearing the end of this article so I decide to read the last paragraph before opening it.

I continue reading.

10 seconds later.

"Who’s the box from!"

"Mike’s parents."

"Oh... right."


beccaellis said...

Thanks Mema for the book and for all the valentine's goodies for the kids!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,

It is important to note that WHILE listening to Rebecca read a blog entry Hannah was: writing photography contracts, being frustrated with photoshop and thinking about how much she dislikes the dogs. Therefore hindering her concentration and drawing her focus from the question at hand.

A request was made, to Rebecca, to include this information in her blog post. The request was declined.

As her editor, I am upset with her decision to ignore this request and therefore cannot be held responsible for any typos or grammatical errors in future blog posts.

Editor to "Becca and the boys"

Lawson said...

Haha! You should be outraged, as a journalist. You've got free speech, you know.

Anonymous said...

You're Welcome!

Remember that thought when cleaning sticky necks, hands, faces, and everything touched while trying to clean sticky necks, hands, faces

donna said...

I love these 2 girls/sisters ... they are a hoot!!

I think their book should be titled:

A Tale of Two Sisters :)