Thursday, February 11, 2010

Uninvolved? I think not.

It's snowing here. BIG flakes. More like clusters of big flakes. I got up at 5:30 and the ground was wet from a little rain, now it is covered. I just cleaned of 1.5 inches of snow off of the van so Hannah could see where she was going. She couldn't believe that Abilene ISD wasn't shutting down. "In Greenville we would not be going out in this!" Welcome to west Texas. I think this is the fourth time this season that snow has covered the ground. (I may be wrong, I am pregnant).

She and the boys just took off for MDO. I wanted to go. I just couldn't send them out in the blizzard without me.

But it didn't make since for me to deliver them as I need her to drive the boys home, I have another obligation. And the fact that I'm heading up there around 10:45 to deliver some sandwiches that I didn't make already cause we didn't have enough bread. So I'm sitting here at the computer by myself. I was thinking I'd go up to MDO and help out, you know, like a disaster relief effort. I could wipe runny noses, unzip jackets, wipe the melted snow (water) off the floor to prevent further injuries due to falling. You know those moms that work all the time at their kids schools? PTO, Book club, Room moms, paper copiers? I'll probably turn into one of them. My title will be the "tag-along mom." At least it's catchy. My poor sons will roll their big blue/brown eyes, take a deep breath and give themselves a pep talk: "Be cool, don't look right at her and maybe my friends won't notice."

I will wonder why they never talk to me at school. Maybe I can find some cool young college girls that will keep me dressing in stylish, momish clothes so my kids at least won't be embarrassed by my attire.

But whatever, they can deal. Life is tough.

I'm not going to sit here all day and watch the snow fall.


To God be the glory... said...

Way to go mom! My three boys are so different. My middle one, a senior in high school, doesn't want me around. My 22 year old wanted me around all the time and my 15 year old will tell you he doesn't care. Just be there for those boys whatever they think and God will honor you and they will rise up and call you blessed.

Anonymous said...

I was reading this to Grant and I said, "That's what you always did when I went to your school." His response? "Heck, yeah."

Anonymous said...

So...what did you do today?

Where are the pics of the boys playing in the snow???