Thursday, February 18, 2010


The more I think about Ty's answer to "Who took you potty at church?" The more I decide he is correct. His answer? Jesus!

He's exactly right. How much more like Jesus can you be then loving the littlest of children.

--the ones that don't go home and tell their Mom and Dad how much they love their teacher
--the ones that either do gross things in their diaper or are potty training and have to have their rear wiped
--the ones that don't cuddle
--the two year olds.

I agree. Someone who was acting like Jesus took Ty potty.

Ty saw it.

God saw it.

Thank you nursery workers for being Jesus to my kids week in and week out.

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Cinda Boshart said...

You're so right, Becca. I hope lots of nursery workers see this. Kelly, do you see it? THANK YOU for taking care of our little ones. And THANK YOU to you who take care of Ty and Jack.