Monday, February 1, 2010

What an honor!

While getting ready for the day yesterday, we found ourselves all in the upstairs bathroom.

The upstairs bathroom (not the master) is where the boys bathe and Hannah now uses as her bathroom.

We never congregate there, except for this once.

Jack, Ty and I ended up in there the same time as Hannah was doing her hair.

Want to know her response to all of us intruding on her precious alone time?

"Oh, Good! Has my bathroom become the party bathroom? :-) :-)"


Doesn't the vast majority of the American population cross a prospective new home off the list if there aren't double sinks in the master bath?

And what sells a house?

The kitchen and the.... spacious updated bathroom(s).

Where do moms of young children lock themselves in when they want a little peace and quiet?

What doors in the house ALWAYS have privacy locks on them?

Yes, the bathroom.

But this mindset of "personal space" or "alone time" or "privacy" has not been ingrained in this middle child of eight.

It was like you had just brought a party to her on a Friday night.

"YOU MEAN!!!!! We all get to cram in the smallest room in the house and get ready together?? Hurray!!!"

That's Hannah for ya.

And yes, as you would guess, she is quite pleasant to be around.


Cinda Boshart said...

Someone needs to figure out the number of square feet in the little bathroom where all 7 of us girls did our hair every morning :-)

Cinda Boshart said...

btw...middle children are the best!

grace said...

sounds about right...


Anonymous said...

middle children are the best.

that is pretty awesome. haha.