Monday, February 22, 2010

A new bed

Seemed like a good idea.

Finally using the trundle bed thus, getting the big crib out of the tiny room.

Especially considering the boys new favorite use for the baby bed:


So today, Feb. 22, 2010, Ty moved into a big boy bed.

It was taking up a lot of the room and we have an extra twin mattress anyway.

The second time I woke up this morning I woke up irritated. Second time? Yes, I'm getting up at 5:30 (it was 5:00 but I just couldn't hack that) to spend time with God before the day gets crazy. This morning, Ty woke up crying at 6:15 and so I went and got him out of bed and we went and hugged in my bed. Even though I'd already had a half a cup of coffee, I still went right back to sleep. I don't know if Ty slept or not. All I know is from 6:20-6:50 he was pulling my hair, sticking his finger up my nose and in my ear, complaining about not wanting any covers and insisting that his cheek was next to mine (otherwise he would tell me that I wasn't holding him).
So you can see why this time when I woke up, I was irritated.

Sorry, didn't mean to go into all that.

I go into the boys cramped room (I know, the room only looks small because I'm getting so big.) and decide the crib has got to go.

Most people at 5 1/2 months pregnant are not taking down cribs. I understand that, but don't argue with a pregnant woman. Just let me be.

I'm thinking: the baby won't be born till June: 4 months
The baby will be in our room till he is at least three months old: 3 months
I don't know where he will live after that : 1 month deciding
So it is going to be at least 8 months before I need that big crib --and I'm pretty positive it won't go in the same room with Jack and Ty.

So it came down.

I was hoping that the fung shway would help nap time go smoother.

Words like: tranquility, peace, calm and serenity were floating around in my head. They never made it into reality.

As you can imagine with little boys (and Hannah) a newly arranged room initiated excitement.
Ty did somersaults. Jack's eyes twinkled.

Warnings flowed out of my mouth: "Don't jump on the bed." "Don't run around the room." "Stop crawling on your brother." "Don't get all of the books out at a time."

Nap time came. Even with ample direction, examples and expectations laid out, the guys couldn't do it.

After 30 minutes of "issues" and after a discipline session, I nevertheless hear an angry voice coming from their room. I go and check on them --for the last time.

Here is the conversation between Ty and Me:

Me: Why are you standing up on your bed about to hit Jack?

Ty: Because. (looks away and pauses)

Ty: Because.... I need to... go lay down and go to sleep.

Me: (nodding) That's right.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, boyss will be boys! :)

Love, Laura