Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear Bryce

Today Mike, my husband, mentioned to me how glad he was that Hannah (your former coworker) was under his employment. I must say, our gain is definitely your loss. I hope the ARC will be able to keep it's high standards of exceptional public relations now that Hannah is gone. Who knows, they may improve, with certain places like... FedEx/Kinko's....

Just today Hannah mentioned how she missed being at the expo. She misses y'all.

So what has she been up to here in Abilene?


We've decorated a birthday cake, learned how to poach an egg, built a planter box and are working on the bookshelf. She is using lots of lotion as she adjusts to this dry air.

Today she made some delicious toast and coffee for me, then she went and fiddled around on the computer. Her job hasn't changed that much. Right now she is playing Tetras in the other room. She got kind of mad cause I beat her score, so now she won't put it down till she beats mine. It really surprised me that she did so poorly, cause she says you and her played all the time while "working" at the ARC. --Just kidding Sherry. She says she played it in college during photoshop class because she already knew everything they were teaching.

She is really smart! I mean, she is educating me on things like photo shop, espresso makers, photography and moisturizing. Notice the vast improvement on the photography on my blog? Yes, much better than the camera on the iPhone.

I think this will be a really good experience for me. Sorry you don't get to see her happy face every day, but time to time I'll put a picture of her up here for you guys to see.

Tell the gang "hi" for her.


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