Monday, April 13, 2009

The Amazing Race

Hannah, my sister, called me today asking that I advertise for her on my blog. She is hoping all five of my readers will support her quest to get on THE AMAZING RACE tv show!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the hit CBS reality show that records contestants racing around the globe. To find out more about the show click HERE.

Hannah and Grace (my cousin) are driving up to Chicago in two weeks to attend open auditions. Grace has some family up there so her dad agreed to take them up to the auditions and visit relatives.

Here is why you should go check out Hannah and Grace's web page:

  • They need to drum up support by way of comments on their blog and by joining their facebook group, click HERE
  • Hannah is a servant, always taking pictures of my children. She spent last weekend with me and helped me the whole 3 days she was here. She is always doing things for other people, so I want to support her here.

  • Grace -equally as cool as Hannah. Every time I am in Austin she comes to see me and usually babysits my boys so I can go do stuff with Emily (another sis).

  • If Hannah and Grace win, Hannah has agreed to come be my nanny on another family vacations -for free! She went on our family vacation last year and had a child in her arms for almost every waking minute. Except when she was taking spectacular pictures of us on our trip.

  • Why not? If you have time to waste on my blog then you have time to check out Hannah and Grace's webpage.
Everyone with a facebook account, please go join their group! Thanks!!!



Hannah B. said...

THANKS Becca! :)

Cinda Boshart said...

They made the front page of the Herald Banner today! And the story was so long it had to be continued on p. A15!