Friday, April 24, 2009

Shots -- U P D A T E

After speaking with the guy from immunizations several times, I got the name of the doctor who is over him.

The doctor and I visited for a little while about the situation (I was very polite). And he thought the best option was for Ty to have blood drawn and tested to see if he was --in fact -- immune to the diseases that he was supposed to have been vaccinated for.


That's why he's the doc. I am so glad to have a way to figure this one out. Problem is.... what if I'm wrong and the tests say that he hasn't been vaccinated?

Mom, after thinking about this, I don't think it is as much of a pride issue (that I have to be right) as it is a picture of my mental stability.

If I am wrong and have imagined 4 visits to the immunization clinic, what does that say of me?

I think I will lose all confidence in what little mental capability I thought I had.

I will hang my head -not in shame, but in defeat. "I'm an idiot." Where's my sign? Someone give me a sign. Take my children and give them to someone smart -maybe someone who studied physics or math in college. I can't even remember to vaccinate them from LIFE THREATENING DISEASES. will be so bad if I'm wrong.

Nobody ask how this turns out... just in case I'm an idiot. Don't make me live it again.

I guess we will just wait and see.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me about this shot record thing. I am very thankful there is a way to find out the answer without giving Ty all his shots over again. God is good.

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