Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Know what irritates me?

It’s when nobody will help me.

When I ask questions and no one answers.

When I seek out the wise and they don’t share their wisdom.

I feel like I have to beg for advice sometimes. Why don’t people give it out more?

I was so thankful one day when Jack was throwing a fit (at a ladies house who I hardly knew) and she gave me her favorite book on training children.

At first I thought it was really funny that she so plainly saw how much help I needed… but then I got to thinking… How wonderful was that? A woman who had four well-mannered children (all older than mine) wanted to share with me something that had been helpful to her.

What a blessing.

She risked me being offended. –I wasn’t
She risked rejection.
She gave me something that cost her money.

She did this because she didn’t want me and my children to go through unnecessary hard times.

Is that Christ’s love or what?

I want to be like her.

I welcome advice.
I feel like I shouldn’t have to even ask for it. I think you should just give it to me. Just make sure it’s Biblical, then I’m all ears.

People at church come up to me now and say things like: “I read your blog.” I say things back to them like: “Oh dear.” They usually say they think I’m much funnier online than in person… maybe it’s true.

Apparently everyone Carolyn R. knows has been emailed the link.

Just so everyone knows (since I’m trying to be very honest on here) I’m feeling a lot of pressure to write funny stuff and it’s hard to be funny with good kids. The boys have been being much better lately. Don’t worry I’m SURE that won’t last.

Stay tuned.

Even with all the pressure of being funny and the fact that I am VERY transparent on here (there are some things the deacons just don’t need to know) I am excited that there are even more Christ-followers that will read what I am struggling with and will hopefully find me and help guide me through whatever issue it is that comes up.

I am hopeful.

If you know me very well, then you know I need help.

All you RBC folks that I grew up around can to confirm this.

Carolyn Scott, Linda Moore, Sandra, you need to keep your mouth’s shut. I don’t want to be that transparent.

I am going to list some areas that I am interested in knowing more about, so if you are an expert or an example of someone who has goofed up in these areas, then you are a perfect candidate to help me.

Raising Christ following children
Time management
Military Wife Stuff
Love (Biblical love, not the mushy stuff)

That should be enough to get ya’ll started. I think I’m going to carry around a notepad and a pen for a while. I'll bet ya'll have got some good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Your kids can be funny and good at the same time. I'm funny and good at the same time.....I think?
On a more serious note, you are right about finding (or rather the Lord blessing us with) a godly woman to teach us everything she knows. I am so blessed to have a woman like this in my life. Whenever Ella is doing something that just has me stumped, I go ask my godly woman and she gives me advice that almost always works. I call her and ask her about all sorts of things, and she is has never turned me down to dish out a little wisdom. I am SO much better for it. I will pray that the Lord will put such a woman (or women) in your life to love you in this way.

beccaellis said...

I have so many godly women in my life that it baffles me why they don't all just spew out advice all the time. Maybe they just don't know that I want it. Probably my fault. But yes, I do have lots of wonderful women around me. They just need to tell me more stuff!

Hannah said...

I can teach you racquetball!!! Kind of. I took a class once.

Love you becca!

Lawson said...

Haha. Beat me to it, Hannah. I was going to say—

"Biblically, racquetball is....."

beccaellis said...

Now see what I mean??? this is the kind of reactions I get. People being funny. I put one random thing in my list and everybody takes it and runs with it...

Actually, Hannah and Lawson are both more immature than I am so it is probably good that they aren't giving me advice ;-)

Carolyn said...

Girl.....(said long and drawn out with a thick drawl)
Even though I'm not a military wife, I have experienced SEVERAL (too many to count)moves in my 17 years of marriage. To be funny is a huge gift (in my humble but accurate opinion)that allows you to not take life so seriously. And the only reason I laugh WITH you, is because I've sooooo been there myself~and now I have TWO teenagers~go ahead and laugh your head off, but it's NOT funny!
Seriously.....God had placed such great people in my life to help me be who God has asked me to be....and believe me, that has changed over the years! Sometimes, however, I need someone to knock me over the head with a brick to "see" the needs of those around me. In saying that~I am glad you mentioned that you want help~I am willing to be an ear to hear your hurts, needs,jokes, stories about your kids (good OR bad), gripes, tears, frustrations, etc. I will NOT have all the answers, but I can sure help ease your burden.....except with Raquetball~I got nothing!
BTW...if I weren't busy with other people's children every Sunday, I would SOOOO be in SS with you guys. I have a feeling we'd get in a lot of trouble though, so maybe it's best!!! (and I really do LOVE my job!) Keep laughing~it'll keep you from screaming! Carolyn R =)

Angela Collins said...

Becca, I know this is an older post. I'm just catching up a bit. But, I have to ask: what was the name of the book the lady gave you, and has it been helpful? I'm always looking for books that will give me new ideas or a new perspective on child-rearing. It's quite a challenge raising these little ones, isn't it?