Monday, April 20, 2009

Free time

I never know what to do with myself after 8:00.
Usually the kids are in bed. I'm physically tired and don't have anything to do but hang out in the bedroom or here at the computer. I'll sit and read my Bible for a while, then just fall asleep I guess. I can't even remember what I usually do. Seems like it is nothing noteworthy. I rarely turn on the TV. When I do, I turn it back off because nothing interests me.

It's sort of a lame way to spend your "free time." Maybe I need some new hobbies. I just can't think of anything that sounds fun. I know exactly what I would do if I lived on 50 acres. I'd sit on the porch -probably in the swing, and drink something cool (or hot, depending on the weather) while looking off toward the horizon. -Yep. I just want to sit and stare. If I had 50 acres and a friend, I'd have my friend sit there too. We'd talk as things came up. The birds would be singing. The wind softly blowing. There would be cows too. But they'd be far enough away so that we wouldn't smell them. Flowers in whiskey barrels, wind chimes with a really deep tone.

And I'd sit.

Till it got dark.

Then I'd come inside and go to bed.


Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect...I'll be there in 15 better not be sleeping. Ok, maybe I'll just see you tomorrow. LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

I love porch swings. Come sit on ours next time you are in Greenville.
Sarah H

beccaellis said...

Who is that first comment from???
If you are not a guy then you so should have just come over!

Sarah H. I'll do it. Will you sit there with me?

Anonymous said...

Spring/Summer in New Hampshire is lovely.
The porch(s) are almost open & we have plenty of quiet, swings, rockers, & wildlife (even cows).

I have lots of vaca time (babysitter).......
You could bring along a friend or meet with one from up here

Anonymous said...

Sure, I'd love to sit with you. And we don't have to talk unless we want to. And we can just randomly start humming or singing if we want too. Or we could just listen to the birds(like I am doing now through the open window).
Sarah H.