Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm happy.

I just want to sit here and smile.

So I am.

The boys are downstairs playing with this awesome new toy I bought them. I'll put a picture on here soon. All you Mom's with kids his age should get one. It's a multi-purpose toy. Right now he's using trains with it.

Lane, my neighbor, is mowing my yard. About an hour ago I was sitting down, holding Ty and looking out the window. "I wish I could get out there and knock down those seed heads." Next thing I know, Lane is mowing it!

Now he's in the back yard -the huge backyard. I am so touched by his kindness. The weather is barely cool and I have lots of windows open. Ahh!

Life is good.

Nothing really amusing or serious to say right now, just wanted to get on and let you all know that there are happy, wonderful times in the crazy life that I live. Sometimes I think I just vent on here --and I do. It's theraputic.

So. Becca's having an awesome day. Noted.

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