Sunday, April 12, 2009

The time is upon us


Today I realized that my toddler is now a young boy.

I guess I'm ok with it.

No more sweet little baby pictures from him. Peek-a-boo doesn't get him to smile any more. "Say Cheese" doesn't work.

I tried, "Jack, smile and look at the camera so I can take your picture," and this is what I got.

Where did he learn this? I didn't teach him how to be silly and get attention for himself -and I'm sure I never modeled it ;-)


Is he this old already?

Pretty soon he is going to laugh at bodily functions. He's going to learn how to make his arm pit make lovely noises. He's going to bring in toads and snakes. What am I going to do with a boy? Seems like every stage is new and different. I don't ever feel like I'm prepared before they get into the next stage.

Here Jack is supposed to be posing with a little friend. Check out the look on his face.
It's like he's in the "Girls have cooties" stage.
Soon it will happen.
Today he gave his friend Benjamin a man hug. It was cute.

Ty in his Easter outfit.

Here is the best Easter picture we could get. Not too bad. Nobody make fun of Jack's shoes. I know they don't match, but didn't see a need to go buy him expensive shoes just for one outfit. (Jack's feet are wide so we have a hard time finding cheap shoes.)



Hannah B. said...

I love their little outfits! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaahaa! Jack's face's are priceliss! Y'alls Easter picture is adorable too, mama trying to keep her boys in line for a picture. :) And I NEVER noticed Jack's shoes until you pointed them out.

Cinda Boshart said...

So cute!!