Sunday, April 19, 2009


I need to start another blog and Title it:


I could quit writing on this one and just a have a weekly entry. It would probably be more entertaining than all the weekday stuff.

Here it is: my entry for SUNDAY, April 19, 2009

I suspect Ty has another ear infection. Last night he had a little fever and he's been messing with his ears a little more than usual. I give him Tylenol and he perks up before bed. I really don't think it is anything contagious. This morning, same thing. I give him his bottle (first thing he asks for every morning) and then take his temperature.

It is just below the legal limit. Sweet. Now we can go to church. Jack is up also. He woke up grumpy. (smile) Must be a Sunday.

Just a little history for you: Friday night was the AWANA girls lock-in at church. I'm in charge of the AWANA girls. With that comes the lock-in duty. The boys stayed at the Mathis' home overnight. Thanks Chris and Sarah!

Saturday, another friend of ours watched the boys while I went out to lunch with his wife. The boys napped at their home. We get home late afternoon on Saturday.

So basically my point is that the kids are tired and have not been at home much and haven't gotten the necessary spankings that keep 'em sweet.

I'm also sort of wondering if Jack is ok physically or if his behavior problems are just his sweet little sin nature mixed with Dad being gone. I'll spare you the details, but I'm going to get him checked out to see if he has a bladder infection.

I feel like I'm walking on thin ice today as far as getting nursery care. I don't want to be called out of church to come get sick kids. I give both boys some Tylenol and Ty gets a little Ibprophen too. We dress and head to church. I considered going to a different Sunday school class this morning (so they wouldn't be able to find me) just in case one of them started acting sick.

Instead I told Ty's teacher that I thought it was an ear infection and to keep it on the DL. She's cool. She did.

Made it through Sunday school. I'm half way there. I'm Sitting in the worship service. On the wall in the front left side of the sanctuary is a little LED sign. Each family is assigned a number that will be flashed on the sign to summon you to the nursery if needed.

I feel like I'm playing backward bingo.

No 16! Come on! No 16!

The preaching begins. Looks like I'm sitting pretty.


The red lights flash on.

Since I'm an IDIOT and a tad bit ADD I look over to the sign. Dumb move. If you don't see it, who says you have to go? Besides, people don't have everyone's number memorized, I could just sit there happy and oblivious and no one would know it was me they needed.

But I looked.

Now I'm morally obligated to go get my sick kid.

I pick up my purse, my Bible, and my keys and leave -in the middle of the sermon. Someone tell Tim it wasn't him, he was doing great. It was Jack...

A nursery worker met me outside the sanctuary. The conversation went something like this:

"We are having a little trouble with him today."

"Him, which one?"

"Jack. He is hitting and pushing the other kids and stealing their toys. We have tried to put him in time out but he won't let us and just screams and kicks. We've tried several things but he just won't calm down."


"And then a little boy came up to us with a scratch on his face and said that Jack did it. We didn't see Jack scratch him, so we don't know for sure. Jack didn't say one way or the other if he scratched the boy. But the scratch wasn't there earlier...."


I think this was my first report (besides MDO) where Jack was the bad kid and a nursery worker had to come deliver the news to me. I didn't know what kind of expression to have on my face when I hear this news. I wanted to look concerned, but didn't want to frown in case she thought I was angry at her. I didn't want to role my eyes because that seemed like a reaction one would give if they just couldn't control their child. I thought jokes would be out of line.

I just looked her in the eye and nodded as she gave me the news.

When I went to his class to get him, he just started crying. It wasn't a "scared" sort of cry, more like when a kid just can't be good because they are so tired.

I took him into my arms and we went to another room. I just sat there and hugged him for a minute or two. Then we discussed business. After I'd said what I needed to, Jack went back to apologize to his friend and his teachers and we left.

It was 11:30 anyway. I got Ty and we went home for naps.

Since then, I am starting to doubt any kind of bladder issue at all and think he just needed some discipline. Ty, definately will be going to get his ears check in the morning.

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