Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bath time

Bear with me, I've got some Jack funnies. These are for the grandparents and the daddy.
Jack was talking randomly on the way home from MDO and said:
"My Daddy flys C-130s in Kuwait. He opens the door and says, 'Hello Kuwait!' "
Then he says:
Tee-tee comes before pee-pee.
Poo-poo comes before...
And no, I dont have any idea what he was talking about. Must have been tied into the lesson he learned today at MDO... it's at a Methodist church...
We played with Play-doh this afternoon. We don't do this too often because my boys eat it. Every time. Sure enough, I look up and Jack is putting some blue play-doh in his mouth. I say: "Jack, we don't eat play-doh just like we don't eat dirt or crayons or rocks. Jack, what are some other things we don't eat?"
"Mud! ... Airplanes... B-1 and C-130s."
At supper I prayed and Jack repeated:
Dear Jesus
(Dear Jesus)
Thank you for our good day
(Tank you for our good day)
Thank you for Jack, Ty, Mommy and Daddy
(Tank you for Ty, Jack, Daddy & Mommy)
Thank you for helping me keep my pants dry all day
(tank you help keep my pants dry)
Thank you for our good food.
(tank you for our good food)

Wait. Wait!
You not say Amen. We say more “tank yous

Ok, Jack. You say some more “thank yous.”

(short pause)

Dear Jesus.
Tank you for Emma and Wyatt.(Emma is Jack’s girlfriend and Wyatt is his best friend.)

Tank you for Jordan and Kaiden.(two more female friends)

Tank you for Uncle Lawson.

In Jesus Name,

This is just some good 'ole bathtub footage. You know, moms get bored sitting there for 30 minutes while the kids play. I mean. It's not even comfortable. No lounge chair. Just a hard toilet. Next house we live in is going to have a recliner/toilet in the bathroom.

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