Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today I just want to be selfish.

There will not be anything amusing on Becca's blog tonight. I am too tired from the day. My "day off" is usually the hardest one of the week.

Last night, God suggested that I go help a family I hardly know, clean their base house (they are about to move out of state). I suggested that God find someone else.

He asked me when I woke up this morning if I planned to go help. I told him "I don't want to talk about it."

On the way to MDO he brought it up again. I asked him if I was His only follower in Abilene with a pair of hands. I was hoping he would get the hint with my sarcasm.

He persisted.

I got home, put my bike in the van, drove the bike up to the Auto Hobby Shop, left the keys with the mechanic so he could change my oil, then I rode my bike back home.

God reminded me again of His plans for my day.

"Are we still having this argument?!?!?" I ask.

Yes. We were.

"FINE!" I gave up.

Then I told him that he had better bless me for this....

I change clothes into stained, holey work clothes then get back on my bike (I have no transportation) and ride 4 blocks over to their house.

They weren't home.

"For real God? You make me come over here and they aren't even home?" I rolled my eyes at Almighty God.

I called them. They were just waking up after a long long night of working at the house. She was going to talk to her husband to see when they would be back to the house. Since all the furniture was out of the house they were staying in TLF (temporary living facility) on the base.

I drive -I mean pedal - home.

I decide I should take my shower now since I probably won't have time after we are done cleaning and before I have to go pick up the van and go to lunch with my mentor.

I shower, half-way through my shampoo the phone rings. I answer it. They will be over at the house in 15 minutes.

Ok. Whatever. I'll be there.

I redress, put on my helmet. It is a law on the base that you must wear a helmet while riding a bike. As lame as it is, I guess it's a good thing. I have already fallen off my bike once while living here.

I board the bike and head back over (did I mention it was 4 blocks) to go clean the house.

I SCRUBBED for an hour and a half before I had to leave.

I have 25 minutes now to get to my lunch date. I felt like I was on mission impossible. "Your mission Becca Ellis, if you chose to accept it..."

Oh, I forgot to mention the rain.

Yep. It's raining now.

Back home in the rain, run upstairs -yes, literally RUN, change clothes, wash the comet off my arms and hands, fix the hair, head back down the stairs, jump into the Aston Martin -wait that's James Bond.... I meant to say, "Jump into my friend's Astro Van."

She dropped me off at the auto shop and I was on my way.

I got there at 12:30 on the nose.


Now I just need to walk in calmly as to give the appearance that all I've done today is sit on the couch and wait for lunch time.

Phahhha! Not in this life!

This wasn't even all my day. Just one 3 hour period. I'll save the rest of the drama for another day.

I'm too tired.


Anonymous said...

"You better bless me for this."

I am feel a little better now that I know I am not the only one who has thoughts like that go through my mind. :)
Bacca, you are somthing else. A good somthing else.
Sarah H.

P.S. I LOVE comet!! Don't you? The best cleaner ever!

beccaellis said...

Yes. I love comet. I don't know why they even make other things. Scrubbing bubbles has always been my least favorite. I think it smells funny.

Do you think it is wrong to tell God that he better bless me? I mean, he has already promised that he will if we obey. I felt like I was just reminding him of his promise.

Was I or do I need to have a sit-down and change my heart?

Carolyn said...

You're good......

Anonymous said...

I am not sure......
I know that when *I* do it, I have a bad attitude because I think God owes me somthing for what I just did or what I am going to do, when really, He owes me nothing. It is all a gift of love. Maybe we need to change from feeling like God owes us, to rejoicing in the knowledge that He will give us the grace and strength to get through whatever situation with His grace(if we ask!). I think that in and of itself is a gift!
What do you think?
Sarah H.