Saturday, May 16, 2009


0614 -Waking up

0700 -Looking forward to nap time

1043 -Nap time

1245 -Wake up from naps

1330 -Trying to find an activity that will wear the boys out so they will sleep well tonight

1535 -Try to put Ty down for his nap

1600 -Give up

1700 -Fruit Smoothie Dinner

1730 -Read books to get the boys calmed down for bed time

1800 -Baths

1830 -Playing with the foam ABC's and getting the kids used to the idea that they were about to go to bed

1902 -Boys in bed

1903 -Downstairs to do laundry

1903 1/2 -Hear stomping and running from overhead

1903 3/4 -Pick up the rod and go up the stairs

1904 -

1905 -Can't post that online

1910 -Leave the room

1932 -Hear a bump, investigate

I find:

Ty -walking around on the floor

Jack -see above pictures -again.

1933 -Can't post that online

1936 -Leave room, shut door

this story's not over


Anonymous said...

Too cute! But he should NOT be in that window!!! Did he learn his lesson? Hard spanking!!! Gigi loves him.

Cinda Boshart said...

I must say that he's as creative as his mother was...

Anonymous said...

Oh is hard when you are a kid. :)
Sarah H.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting hear trying to think of a comment for this and i went back up to look at the pictures and just started laughing out loud. That's all i've got.


Lawson said...

Look at his eyes in the last one—he knows what's coming!!! haha.

Anonymous said...

I covered my mouth to stifle a the pictures...
I think I am going to go look at them again and laugh again.

Anonymous said...

This was soo funny!!
Mema says he should NOT be in that window!!