Monday, May 25, 2009

Lime Ricki

The only reason I am writing on here is because I haven't posted in several days and I don't want Lawson to yell at me.

Memorial Day 2009.

It's been rainy and cloudy for a week. The rest of the week it supposed to be wet. Today it was beautiful. 90 degrees. Perfect weather.

I liked it.

I got to talk to Mike today, we talked for 45 minutes then 30 minutes this evening. His job working tactics (2nd half) has been so great when it comes to communicating. He can call one of the bases in San Antonio on a DSN line and then have them patch the call to my cell phone (an SA phone number). It works great. He just has to make sure the call is less than 15 minutes. We'll hang up and he can call back.

I went swim suit shopping yesterday. I quickly went though Sears, Dillards, Pennys, Old Navy, Academy and Kohls. It was sad. Nothing cute at all. I've actually already bought a swimsuit this year. It's a cute one. I wanted one that would be a little more "athletic" looking for the lake and that sort of thing. So I was a pretty picky shopper. I wasn't desperate like you normally are when swim suit shopping.

So. After seeing the HORRIBLE selection, I want to make sure to make all of you aware of this site:

That's where I bought my suit this year. They are cute and modest. Two words that have never been used before when describing swimsuits. It's true. If you are a girl and need something to swim in. Go look at these. This is a picture of the one I bought. If you live in Abilene, don't get this one. It's mine. Just go to their site, pick out some you like, then buy several and return the ones you don't want. I really like mine. It makes me look all "stylish mom." But I'm still a bit of a tomboy at heart so I wanted another one that didn't look so... cute.

Anyway. This is the dryest post every so I'll keep it short to spare you.

But really, go check out these swimsuits if you need one. Don't bother going to look at the mall. You won't find anything.


Lawson said...

Lame. Doesn't cut it for a post.

I'll give you one shot to redeem yourself.

(Figure I can be blunt, now that we are promised to be siblings.)

beccaellis said...

Fine. A little demanding now aren't you?