Monday, May 11, 2009

Commander's Corner

This was printed in our squadron newsletter that goes out every month. Maybe some of you are interested in hearing what kindof feedback we spouses get from the desert. Look near the bottom for Mike's name! :-)
Commander's Corner

Hello again from the desert! Our string of comfortable weather has ended and the heat is on! We’ve been hitting at or near 100-degrees for the past couple of weeks now. From what I hear, you all at home are also ‘enjoying’ some warmth!
We are still doing VERY well – happy to be past the half-way point in our deployment. The day we all get to come home and see you all is closer now than the day we left back in Feb. That’s a good thing! No word yet on our departure plans – it is still a bit early out to have any specifics. The squadron there will let you know when things are firmed up.
We continue to be the major mover of passengers and their stuff here in this part of the world – we’re keeping people safe by keeping them off of dangerous roads.
And, the hard work our folks are doing is being recognized out here - congrats to our 737th EAS
April monthly award winners:

Amn – A1C Alexander Alvarez
– also the Expeditionary Operations Group Winner!

NCO – SSgt Bill Moody

SNCO – MSgt Sean Cope
– also the Expeditionary Operations Group Winner!

CGO – 1Lt Kye Stepp

Copilot – Capt Geoff Guerra

Navigator – 1Lt Mike Ellis

Flight Engineer – TSgt Joe Holloway

Loadmaster – TSgt Chris Minnifield

Crew – Capt Jeff Brown’s Crew

Team – Capt Andy Gillis’ crew
– also the Expeditionary Operations Group Winner!

In the spirit of more good news, Lt James Mockalis was the Air Expeditionary Wing's Company Grade Officer of the month for April, having been nominated for his work in the Expeditionary OSS.
There is plenty to be proud of as we enter the home stretch on this deployment!
Take care and stay cool!

Buff Burkel


Anonymous said...

Congrats Mike!
We are proud of you and thank you for all your hard work!

Lawson said...

So does that mean Mike is the best navigator in the desert?

We knew as much.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Lawson i was wondering the same thing. I think we can assume that is what it means.



beccaellis said...

Mike was the best navigator in the desert in APRIL.

We'll see if he can keep it up in May...

doubt it since he has a desk job...

But yes. Mike is the best!

ALSO. Mike received another award while out there. The Safety Award. His awarness kept the plane from being driven into a fire hydrant -some dude on the ground was directing the pilot into it. Mike's spidey senses went off and he stuck his head out the top of the plane and looked around. He saw the fire hydrant and yelled at the pilot to STOP! The propeller would probably have hit it.

He saved the engine, the pilot's wings and who knows what else. Yep. He's pretty much awesome...

Cinda Boshart said...

Mike is awesome in my book, too--in many ways. I'm so proud of him and know he is representing and protecting us well!