Monday, May 25, 2009


After church Sunday. You know how hungry kids are. They NEVER filled up a Boshart's tummy with those nursery snacks in Sunday school. Well. My little Ellis kids are no different. One of the girls at church (Hannah S.) offered the kids the left over communion bread.

So they ate it

by the handfulls.

Is that ok?

I stepped backward when I saw them eat it. I was afraid lightning was going to strike. It would have been Hannah's fault. She let 'em do it.

Before I knew it they had cleaned up 3 plates.

They were about to start in on the wine when I told them "enough".

Just kidding. Baptists don't do wine at communion.

It was grape juice.

But really. I know the bread just represents Christ's body, but somehow it just felt wrong to eat it. They offered me some and I refused.

Just too weird.

These last two are just picture I uploaded off my phone. Ty wanting to be like Jack and Jack being funny showing me his "new shoes".


Carolyn said...

Oh My Gosh! I saw the kids eating the communion bread too and thought, "What a photo-op!!!" I'm so glad you got a picture of them. And, just so you wasn't just your kids that got in on the action!! There were plenty of others enjoying an after-church snack!

Lawson said...

Good thing you aren't Catholic, or that would be a big problem!! haha.

Anonymous said...

haha that is great. Thanks for the post, i agree with Lawson - yesterday's wasn't good enough to be called a post.

Anonymous said...

- Stan

beccaellis said...

You people are getting a little picky if you ask me... "Wasn't good enough to be called a post." Who do you think I am Anderson Cooper?

Lawson said...

Becca, we just know what you are capable of. We want you to do your very best. :)

the nelsons said...

haha, that's great. when lanny was about jack's age, we were doing communion. it was my first time (legally?), my dad and mom tried to pass the plate over him and he just grabbed a handful and shoved it all in his mouth before they could get to it. ha, good times..

Garrett Starr said...

Way to go, Hannah. That's my girl. If King David could eat the bread in the Temple, we can sure polish off some Baptist sourdough! LOL!

Cinda Boshart said...

That is weird, I agree! You're going to have to watch him when it comes time for real communion! He'll pull a Lanny if you're not careful:-)