Thursday, May 14, 2009

Check out my mother's day present!

This is what I did today.

I installed a ceiling fan --by myself.
The kids went to MDO and at 10:00ish, I went to Lowe's picked out a fan, brought it home and read the directions MANY TIMES. It was the poorest set of instructions I've ever seen. By 1:45 I had it pretty much done. The directions said it should take 45 minutes....
I even remembered to switch the lights off before I started messing with the wires. I used wire cutters (a tool) and the little caps that go on the end of the twisted up wires.
I was pretty impressed with myself.
I got it all assembled and then check to see if it worked.
It didn't.
I pulled some strings and got the light to come on.
Couldn't get the fan to work.
Great. So much for being Ms. Fix-it.
Had the neighbor, Jack, come down after he got off work. He has recently installed 3 or 4 in his nearly identical home. He came down and messed with it and decided that I had done everything right and the wall switch was somehow not connected. He wired the fan power with the light power (sorry if I'm getting too technical for all of you who have never installed a ceiling fan) so they now operate on the same switch.
Not as cool, but ok. I was proud to learn that I had installed it correctly. Good job me. Problem was I was so frustrated at the fan for not working that I was irritated for several hours after that.
So I went on a run. Mandy watched the boys so I didn't have to push them in the stroller. It was good run. I love endorphins. That's why I wanted to go run. It worked. I was MUCH better after the exercise.
Here are some pictures for Mema. She said she gets on to check for pictures so here they are.

These last two are of the foam toy I've talked about in a couple of posts. It's great. See how Jack is creatively using them with his trains? The idea is to make a maze for a ball to roll through, but trains is much more fun.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Becca!
The 1st picture had me puzzled until I scrolled down to the 2nd.
I laughed so much that others came to look too!

Anonymous said...

You are a REAL women, Becca! I am big time impressed. Just the thought of installing a fan is nerve racking! Go girl!
Sarah H.

Anonymous said...

Great job Becca! I am impressed. There is do question - you are Jay Boshart's daugher.